Republic Wireless Defy XT finally usable again

OK so I *finally* figured out how to make my phone workable again. It had been complaining about ‘low memory’ for months and I didn’t know what to do about it short of rooting. I had moved everything possible to flash, even using AquaMail for my gmail because, well, gmail can’t be moved to flash and it’s a hog. I think the only app I voluntarily had on phone memory was DropBox. All the other ones are mandatory Google crud, most of which I don’t use. Bad.

I’m an Android noob (this Defy is my first Android) so I did not realize that updating built-in apps consumes built in memory. Insanity! Like a good consumer I kept all my software up to date only to have it consume so much memory that my phone became unusable. So I uninstalled all the updates I didn’t care for. GP Books, Gmail (can’t use it because of the low memory so why update it?) and a few others. Now I have 50+ MB available and little things like FB updates work again.

How I wish I had figured that out a long time ago. It’s probably in a post on the support site somewhere but it probably didn’t ‘click’ when I read it.

Anyway I like my phone again but to me this really shows what a stupid phone the XT really is (well, the people who agreed to this combination anemic hardware and bulky software) when *mandatory* software and recommended updates to it cripple a phone. That really should never happen. Either the phone needed more built in memory or updates should not consume built in memory or the mandatory built in set should be smaller or that same software should allow itself to be migrated to flash.